What Our Customers Say

“Nice place for Canopy Formation jumps. The Drop Zone was a very professional experience for us. We used a twin turbine engine Dornier. It is an excellent jumping plane- fast, safe, big door to exit from and experienced pilots. The staff really know what they're doing and everyone is really friendly to customers”
“Best first skydiving experience anyone could’ve asked for”
“Best skydiving spot in Europe”
Philip S
“Awesome tandem skydive”
Lucy Ann Douglass
“Great way to astonish your friends”
Blue Sky Cornwall
“Amazing, was a great experience”
“Excellent, loved every minute”
Julz Alex
“If it’s your first dive, it has to be Skydive Algarve”
Indar Jith
“Surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary Present – WOW”
Yvonne B
“Amazing Day. Very Professional”
Pink Misses
“Great Experience with great people”
Pierre S
“AMAZING!!!! Best experiences in our lives”
Amy H
 “Insane! We absolutely loved it”
K Tina
“Salto Tandem Jump – Just did it”
Andy Symonowicz
“Fabulous experience, great views”
Skydive Annie
“Excellent and felt very safe”
Adam G
“Fun! Everyone was super friendly”
A J 
“Skydiving Experience”
Sequin 1964
“You will want to do it again”
“What an experience”
D Hoban
“So good I had to do it again”
Siobhan O
“Liven up your holiday”
Don M Portimao
“Skydive if you dare”
“So fresh and unforgettable in my mind”
“Top drop zone and well recommended”
Simon Brentford
“Such an unforgettable experience”
Molly Simmonds
“We’ve all been buzzing since”
Elizabeth Murray
“Best fun you can have without breaking the law”
Vanessa & Bill
“An experience I will never forget”
“Look forward to visiting again”
Jon Fox
“The DVD’s and photos are brilliant for re-living it!!”
“Absolutely brilliant experience”
“I loved every minute and will definitely be back”
“Thank you again for your help and advice along the way”
“Best birthday present ever”
“I can’t wait to do it again sometime”
Natasha Pitman
“An experience I will never forget”
Charlie Wasson
“What an unforgettable experience, felt very safe”
Jackie Laguea
“The team is fantastic and very professional”
This is the best DZ in Europe. Just booked my 6th trip within the last 16months for the end of January 2017 having spent xmas 2015 and 2016 plus a few other trips. The best planes, the best views and the best people. Absolutely top notch there is nowhere else I would go on holiday.
Jo Thomopson
“Best DZ in Europe!”
This is the best DZ in Europe. Just booked my 6th trip within the last 16months for the end of January 2017 having spent xmas 2015 and 2016 plus a few other trips. The best planes, the best views and the best people. Absolutely top notch there is nowhere else I would go on holiday.
Neal P
“We loved it here!”
Unbelievably good! Let's hope not too many other dropzones discover how to do it this well otherwise too many people will flood our beloved sport! Keep it up guys and see you later in the year!
Tony P
“Amazing experience!”
The actual tandem jump was amazing and without a doubt an unforgettable experience but the support and professionalism of everyone involved definitely made the difference
Trip Advisor
“Best birthday present ever!”
Sorry guys for taking this long for writing a review you definitely deserve.My family made a booking for a tandem jump as a present for my 30th birthday and it was a brilliant idea as I lived the most memorable experience in my life so far.The stuff was lovely and highly professional,the view probably the best in the world and the feelings can't be described in writing. Thanks guys for being great!See you next time;)
Trip Advisor
“Skydive Algarve is amazing!”
For my 21st birthday my parents gave me as a present the possibility to jump out of a plane as it is something I have always wanted to check off of my bucket list. I jumped on my actual birthday day and I can't describe how amazing it was! From the people, to the instructors, to the school to the location - the vibe and feel from it all just made me relaxed and happy all the way through! - big thanks to Bruno for jumping with me you were amazing! I 100% recommend it to everyone it is one hell of an experience! You will defined be seeing me soon hopefully!
Trip Advisor
“Adrenaline thrills!”
Skydive Algarve offer those thrill seeking opportunities with real experience. They have been operating for many years and offer a first class professional operation. The jumps here are world rated as the views of the Algarve coastline are spectacular (if you have time to look!!) and the skies are normally cloud free for the majority of the year. If you are look for the best adrenaline rush the Algarve has to offer then look no further....
Trip Advisor
“Just go for it!”
Brilliant. I rang on the morning I wanted to Skydive and an hour later I had had my induction with the instructor and 15 mins later I was on the plane. The view was amazing the experience fantastic!
Trip Advisor
“Unlikely skydiver!”
I was on a 5 day Golfing Holiday with 7 other middleaged men . By day 3 I had enough of golf and noticed the hoarding for Algarve Sky Dive on the way to a course and decided to break ranks with my disbelieving golfing buddies and booked a tandem sky dive. It was absolutely brilliant-better than ski and golf. Maud Sian and the team at Sky Dive Algarve were superb -very professionaland so reassuring I had no anxiety putting myself in their hands. I went back for a second tandem dive next day and have now got the bug to seek out more at home. thank you all for making my year.
Trip Advisor
“Fun on a high level”
This was my first skydive, won't be the last, thanks to Skydive Algarve. Very friendly and professional team, kept me cool before the dive and made me enjoy the freefall and the time under the canopy.
Trip Advisor
“Awesome crew!”
any problems. All in all whole jump took only 2 hours, although there were other jumpers before me. Video/image quality is superb.
Trip Advisor
“Fantastic staff”
Me and my husband both prebooked the gold tandem dive with the photos and videos included. We felt really welcome as soon as we arrived, every single staff member made us feel really comfortable, very important when your jumping out a plane at 14000 ft. Lots of staff were English and the ones that weren't spoke it fluently so no language barrier anywhere. The actual skydive is an experience like no other but constantly felt safe throughout. Would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone and if we were to go back to Portugal and do this again, I wouldn't consider anywhere else. The photos and videos are also great quality!
Trip Advisor
“Amazing experience and view!”
What an amazing experience!! I was a bit skeptical before reaching the place.. But after meeting the trainers I felt very confident and was ready to fly.. I felt like a Superman vroom vroom.. Thanks Skydive Alvare!!
Trip Advisor

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