University Groups

At Skydive Algarve we are more than happy to welcome groups of university students on university trips to the centre - it’s the perfect location for a holiday offering local bars and restaurants and lots of sun, sea, sand and skydiving!
We are delighted to offer the following facilities and reduced prices to those who are part of an official trip:
  • AFF courses
  • FS and FF coaches
  • Canopy school
  • Wingsuit coaching (on request)
  • Hire kit and Packers
  • Fast aircraft to 14,000ft
  • Stunning views
  • Onsite café, great local bars and restaurants
  • Booking service for cheap accommodation and car hire for your group

AFF Continuation Students

When joining a university group trip, all students part-way through their AFF course must have completed Level 1 where initially trained, and their last jump have been made within six weeks of arrival to Skydive Algarve and all documents must be brought to Skydive Algarve.


Discounted Prices 

  • Negotiable depending on group size 
  • Only available to pre-arranged university skydiving holidays as part of an official trip.


SL/RAPS Continuation Students

If you wish to bring SL/RAPS progression students within your group, please notify us well in advance as we may not always have the instructors available. 
We can only accommodate SL/RAPS progression students when they are part of a larger mixed group of Experienced jumpers and AFF students.  The number of AFF students making their ground school with us must be the same or higher than the number of the SL/RAPS progression students in the group.  We can only accommodate SL/RAPS progression students who have already completed their initial training and first jump, and have jumped within the last 6 weeks prior to the trip to Skydive Algarve.