External AFF Schools

If you are foreign AFF instructor who teaches AFF courses abroad, or you are a parachute club looking to train your AFF students with us as part of a group holiday, Skydive Algarve would be pleased to help you. We can cater for Accelerated Freefall or mixed progression groups, including experienced skydivers. Everyone is welcome.

Please contact our office for prices and information about external AFF teaching conditions.

What we can offer your AFF school in Portugal

We fly very fast turbine aircraft with student-friendly doors. The Dornier G92 twin turbine and Finist SMG planes fly to 14,000 feet on every flight in less than 15-minutes, providing up to a minute of valuable freefall time for the students to achieve all the in-air skills to easily pass each jump.



Our dropzone is situated on the outskirts of Alvor near Portimao in southern Portugal, and a 40-minute drive from Faro airport. We experience some of the best weather in Europe all year round due to our southern location, plus it’s a great place to bring the family and non-jumping friends as well. 

Equipment and Instructors

Skydive Algarve has an experienced team of instructors including a USPA Safety and Training Advisor. If you are teaching your own AFF students, you may wish to hire our staff as secondary instructors for the earlier levels of the course.
  • We have a selection of student equipment available for hire ranging from 300-210 square foot canopies. All our kit has Vigil AADs and Skyhooks fitted as standard.
  • Please talk to us in advance to ensure we have instructors and equipment available for your trip dates.


Prices and Booking

Prices work on a sliding scale depending on the number of AFF students training and the total size of your group. Our standard AFF working slot price is €30, so for example an AFF Level 1 with two instructors would be charged at €90, plus any equipment and/or instructor hire fees. The more active skydivers in your group, the more discount we offer. 
Please send all questions and bookings via our booking office by email to: info@skydivealgarve.com.

We will require some specific information to ensure a smooth check-in process for your group.

AFF Teaching Facilities 

We have lots of training aids for you to use here at Skydive Algarve, including: walk-around malfunction harnesses, malfunction pictures, throwaway practice belts, white boards, aerial photographs, creepers, suspended harnesses and an aircraft mock-up. Presently we have limited classroom space available, but can provide an area in the hangar for you to use.

If you would like to buy your own walk-around malfunction harnesses or throwaway practice belts from us to collect on arrival, please contact the Skydive Spain rigging workshop via info@skydivespain.com


Your entire group; both instructors and students must have the mandatory Third Party Liability insurance for skydiving in Portugal.  Please bring the full policy wording to be checked. We are unable to provide insurance on the day.
German and Austrian Schools using their own equipment must provide a paper copy of the insurance for each rig they intend to use. Please note that Skydive Algarve equipment does not provide insurance for the jumpers.  

Skydive Algarve specific student policies

As we welcome skydivers, students and instructors from countries around the world who work with different programs, it is important and our responsibility as a dropzone to provide some guidance and a framework to ensure a safe environment for everyone on the dropzone.
Skydive Algarve has the following policies regarding AFF training taking place on our dropzone:
  1. On arrival all jumpers, students and instructors will receive a dropzone orientation and briefing regards landing areas and dropzone regulations.
  2. All equipment will be checked and tagged as cleared to jump. Student parachutes should be fitted with an RSL. Skydive Algarve is an AAD mandatory dropzone.
  3. Copies of valid instructional ratings must be provided and scanned before teaching can begin.
  4. All students must receive revision training every morning before jumping to include emergency procedures and canopy control as a minimum.
  5. All students must be supervised in the aircraft by a suitably qualified instructor/coach until they have completed at least 10 solo jumps after their AFF Levels (or more if dictated by your own federation rules of course). Until this point we as a dropzone consider them to have student status. Skydive Algarve instructors are happy to dispatch students if they are already manifested on the same lift, otherwise schools will need to send an instructor on the aircraft themselves.
  6. External AFF Schools operating radio talk down should provide their own radios and sufficient instructors to be able to talk down their own students in the correct language.
  7. All instructors must remain on the airfield whilst their students are jumping.
We hope that schools will respect our guidelines ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience at Skydive Algarve.