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Who Can Take Part?

Can I Take Part in an AFF Course?

  • Minimum age 16 (parental consent is required for age 16/17*)
  • Maximum age 50
  • Maximum weight limit 95kg*  (14st 13lb / 209.5Ibs) with BMI of 27.5 or less
  • Skydiving requires a reasonable level of fitness to take part

*However exceptions may be made for those who are heavy due to large muscle up to 100kg.  Please contact us for more information.

A Skydive Algarve medical form signed by your doctor is required for

  • Those aged 40 - 50 inclusive.
  • Those who have medical conditions (any age), recent/recurring injuries or are currently taking medication
  • Some conditions, such as epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and previous dislocations, may prevent you from taking part. Please consult the notes on the Skydive Algarve medical declaration LINK or your doctor if you do suffer from any of these or anything else you feel may be relevant.

If you plan to return to the UK to jump please be sure to download the BPA Fitness form, this may save you money when you return home.

*Those aged 16/17 travelling without a parent present will require notarised consent from both parents if applicable.
** The maximum weight limit for AFF Tandem is 95kg, therefore those weighing 96-100kg will not be able to take part in this aspect of the skydiving course and will be offered alternative credit towards later jumps.
***A maximum Body Mass Index of 27.5 applies.

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