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1. What experience do I need to try skydiving for the first time?
None at all. A tandem skydive is specifically designed for anyone wanting to try it out and because the instructor controls the parachute you can simply enjoy the experience.

For those wanting a more extreme adventure no experience is needed for the AFF course either. Some people prefer to try a tandem skydive first but it’s not a requirement. At Skydive Algarve our AFF courses start with a special AFF tandem jump as part of the training anyway.
2. What does skydiving feel like?
It’s almost impossible to describe but we promise it will be the best experience of your life. The (completely natural) fear, combined with the adrenaline of freefall and the mixture of relief and exhilaration you feel on landing is not comparable to any other experience.
3. Can I breathe during freefall?
Yes – your body generally insists on it and we wouldn’t expect you to hold your breath the whole time! It does get a little windy at 120mph which can be a strange sensation but you will be able to breathe.
4. Do you provide accommodation?
No not on the dropzone itself, but there are plenty of local options - please visit our local accommodation page here
Please note camping/camper vans are not permitted on the airfield.
5. When are you open?
Skydive Algarve is open for jumping 365 days a year. Tandem skydives take place daily, and AFF training courses usually once a week. If you are a qualified skydiver looking to visit us you are welcome anytime, but please do get in touch to advise us of your plans in advance and to check what we have going on before you make travel arrangements.
6. Where are you located?
Skydive Algarve is located at the Aerodromo de Portimao in Alvor, on the south coast of Portugal, near to Albufeira, Lagos and only 35 minutes from Faro. Please see our contact and directions page here.
7. What should I wear?
Whatever kind of skydive you are doing with us it is best to wear comfortable clothes and thin layers are best as you will be wearing a jumpsuit over the top. Trainers are the ideal footwear – not slip on shoes, velcro straps or high heels please!
8. Where can my family/friends wait whilst I skydive?
The Skycafe is open daily serving hot and cold food and drinks and we also have a seating area at the hangar. Spectators will also need ID.
9. I have a medical condition – will that stop me from jumping?
Some conditions mean that you will need to get a Fitness form signed by your doctor first. Other more serious medical conditions will prevent you from solo skydiving, but you may still be able to do a tandem dive instead. You should always advise us of any medical conditions, injuries or anything else relevant. This is for your own and our instructors safety.
Please see our ‘who can take part section’ for more details and our Fitness form here for more information

Some medical conditions may prevent you from jumping – please see the ‘who can take part section’
All Portuguese AFF students must have an official medical examination and signed medical form in order to take part in the FPPQ approved course at Skydive Algarve. Please contact us for more details.