Our Planes

Our skydiving aircraft are provided by Wingglider Europe who maintain a fleet of eight turbine aircraft that operate between the three Swallow Group dropzones in Spain, England and Portugal.

You will find one of the following jump planes flying at Skydive Algarve, and during busy periods and Boogies, we will fly in additional aircraft.


Dornier G92

Wingglider Limited currently has five of these parachuting aircraft.

Finist SMG-92

  • Capacity: 10 skydivers
  • Time to altitude: 13 minutes
  • Single turbine
  • Aircraft can take seven skydivers on the float rail
Wingglider Limited currently has one of this parachuting aircraft.

Cessna Caravan

  • Capacity: 17 skydivers
  • Time to altitude: 20 minutes
  • Single turbine
Wingglider Limited currently has two of these parachuting aircraft.