Rigging Services

At Skydive Algarve we offer an onsite rigging service, which includes reserve repacks, hanging bar for full canopy inspection and sewing machines for basic repair jobs.

Reserve repack service includes:
  • Complete harness, container and deployment system inspection
  • Complete reserve canopy inspection
  • Both reserve and main closure loops replaced
  • Certified reserve repack in controlled environment
  • Cutaway system inspected, lubricated and serviced
  • Three ring maintenance
  • Free equipment advice.
We can also offer:
  • Main inspection and repack
  • Tandem main inspection and packing
  • Assemble new equipment
  • Elastic keeper leg strap/chest strap
  • Closing loop
  • Kill-line replacement
  • Jumpsuit repairs and patches
  • Standard patch on canopy

Skydive Spain Rigging Loft

Only two hour’s drive away our dropzone in Seville offers an extensive rigging workshop and can assist with all types of parachute rigging. 
If you are an AFF school visiting our dropzone in Portugal, an exped or simply in need of some additional equipment of your own, our rigging loft can help you with anything you might need whether it be freefly tubes, harnesses, weight belts or any other skydiving safety equipment, subject to material availability.