Formation Skydiving (FS)

Formation skydiving is where two or more people jump together holding on to ‘grips’ on each other’s jumpsuits while freefalling through the sky. The aim of this type of skydive is to create a variety of formations whilst falling as a group.
Skydive Algarve offers formation skydiving, freefly and wingsuit coaching all year round with our resident instructors.


Our FS packages include both jump tickets and the coaching fee. Rig hire and packing is at an additional cost, as required.
  • FS Coached jumps – one-on-one - €88 per jump
  • 10-FS Coaching Package  - €858.50
  • FS1- Qualification Course - €951.50
        (includes 10 jumps: 8x 2-way FS coached + 1x 3-way coached + 1x 4-way coached including all slots)

Please book in advance for any coaching. 
Rig hire, including packing, €20 per jump.

FS1 Qualification Course

  • Forwards and backwards flying
  • Swooping down to formation
  • Safety considerations formation skydiving
  • How to create a formation
  • How to turn in the sky using your legs
  • How to control your speed whilst falling
  • Falling out of formation and being aware of your altitude
  • You will perform eight one-on-one jumps with your coach plus:
One 3-way coached jump
One 4-way coached jump
The FS1 Qualification Course is ideal for anyone wishing to attain their BPA FS1 sticker. The training is also suitable if you are not from the UK as the inside video footage we provide will help instructors from your own country recognise you are a competent skydiver. 

Are you ready to book your FS training trip to the beautiful coastline of Algarve?