If you are not familiar with skydiving or its terminology you may be wondering what a Boogie is.
A Boogie is a gathering of skydivers who come together from around the world. Boogies are not competitions, they are purely for fun and a chance for jumpers to meet up with skydiving friends from around the world. These events see large numbers of skydivers taking to the skies, including high profile skydivers, which can result in large formations and very interesting skydives.
Skydive Algarve is proud to be host to three annual Boogies.
Spring Boogie - March/April each year
Autumn Boogie - September/October each year
Christmas Boogie - December/January each year

  • Beach jumps
  • FREE registration
  • Experienced load organisers
  • FS, Freefly and Wingsuit Coaching
  • Canopy Courses
  • Organised parties and evening meals
Other options available. Click here for full information and to request accommodation.