Experienced Skydiving

On arrival all skydivers, including first time jumpers, will need to complete two forms. 
  • Aerodrome Access Form

Access to the airfield is granted on production of a valid photo ID so please ensure you bring your passport or national ID card with you on your first day. This also applies to any non-jumping friends or family who may be with you.
  • Skydive Algarve Membership Form

Information and Documentation required for Check-In

Safety is our main priority at Skydive Algarve, to avoid disappointment on your arrival please read our complete Safety Rules before the information below. 
On arrival, you will receive documentation and equipment checks - this is our internal inspection to increase the saftey for yourself and all others on the DZ.  However, as with the nature of our sport, you assume your own risk by using your own or our equipment, and taking part in skydives.   After the document and equipment checks, all skydivers will undergo a DZ Briefing, landing area introduction and equipment check by one of our Skydive Algarve authorized personnel.

Documentation required for inspection 

  • Current Licence Valid third party/civil responsibility insurance*
  • Correctly completed and up-to-date logbook
  • Equipment repack documentation
  • Valid and maintained AAD documents
Please note that while Skydive Algarve will try and facilitate as much as we can, it is any visitor’s responsibility to prove that their own documentation is valid and in date, in a language that can be read by the staff.

Equipment inspection

  • Please make sure your equipment is suitable for the type of skydiving you intend to do.
  • Please note to be cleared as 'freefly friendly', Skydive Algarve require non-velcro riser covers, exposed main bridle cover, good condition BOC, leg-strap bungee.

Skydive Algarve reserves the right to stop anyone jumping equipment that we feel is not appropriate for their experience, currency, or the intended type of jump.  This also applies to main and reserve canopy size.

Guidelines for main canopies

  • Higher Performance Semi or Fully Elliptical minimum 200 jumps (regardless of previous experience on them)
  • Higher performance elliptical minimum 500 jumps (Katana etc subject to performance)
  • X braced minimum 750 jumps
  • High Performance X braced minimum 1500 jumps (e.g. Leia, Valkyrie, etc)

We recognise that people can sometimes fall outside of these guidelines, if this is the case we highly recommend that you email the Chief Instructor in advance on info@skydivealgarve.com.

We are also pleased to inform you that we do have now a new fabulous system at the DZ: Burblesoft. 

What does it mean for you?
  • Paper free - You can now buy virtual tickets. Don’t worry, we can transfer any existing paper tickets over for you when you next visit us.
  • Credit your account - you can still buy block tickets, but if you prefer you can make a payment and jump it off instead, or as well, giving you the flexibility to use it for any of our single ticket options!
  • Self-Manifest - On some lifts you will be able to self-manifest though the Burble App, get on organised lifts, and see what call you are on.
  • Download the BurbleMe App and you'll have access to your jump history and your account balance.
  • Update your own details on our system, then just get them verified by us - simple!
  • Book selected courses online like Canopy Courses, Progression Week and much more!
  • Landed off? Just notify us via the App.
Register for a Burble account 
You can create your own Burble account online - this shouldn’t take long, and may save a little time on your next visit to Spain.  

Sign up here to create your account - just click 'skydiver'
**please make sure you have your PIN to hand when you visit the dropzone so we can import your details!

Then Download BurbleMe for your Apple or Android phone, and simply look up 'Skydive Spain' as your DZ.

Please note that kit & docs checks still need to be completed in person!

Are you ready to book your next trip to the beautiful Algarve coastline?  

* Insurance may be provided by your own parachute federation, but some may not cover civil responsibility insurance outside of their own country.  Please ensure you have sufficient and suitable insurance as we are not able to issue it at the airfield.  Please note this does not apply to tandem customers. Portuguese AFF students must join the FPPQ in advance of their training date.