Karen S
Jump Type: Tandem
“Couldn’t be better’
“Best first skydiving experience anyone could’ve asked for”
“Best skydiving spot in Europe”
Philip S
“Awesome tandem skydive”
Lucy Anne Douglas
“Great way to astonish your friends”
Blue Sky Cornwall
“Amazing, was a great experience”
“Excellent, loved every minute”
Julz Alex
“If it’s your first dive, it has to be Skydive Algarve”
Indar Jith
“Surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary Present – WOW”
Yvonne B
“Amazing Day. Very Professional”
Pink Misses
“Great Experience with great people”
Pierre S
“AMAZING!!!! Best experiences in our lives”
Amy H
 “Insane! We absolutely loved it”
K Tina
“Salto Tandem Jump – Just did it”
Andy Symonowicz
“Fabulous experience, great views”
Skydive Annie
“Excellent and felt very safe”
Adam G
“Fun! Everyone was super friendly”
A J 
“Skydiving Experience”
Sequin 1964
“You will want to do it again”
“What an experience”
D Hoban
“So good I had to do it again”
Siobhan O
“Liven up your holiday”
Don M Portimao
“Skydive if you dare”
“So fresh and unforgettable in my mind”
“Top drop zone and well recommended”
Simon Brentford
“Such an unforgettable experience”
Molly Simmonds
“We’ve all been buzzing since”
Elizabeth Murray
“Best fun you can have without breaking the law”
Vanessa & Bill
“An experience I will never forget”
“Look forward to visiting again”
Jon Fox
“The DVD’s and photos are brilliant for re-living it!!”
“Absolutely brilliant experience”
“I loved every minute and will definitely be back”
“Thank you again for your help and advice along the way”
“Best birthday present ever”
“I can’t wait to do it again sometime”
Natasha Pitman
“An experience I will never forget”
Charlie Wasson
“What an unforgettable experience, felt very safe”
Jackie Laguea
“The team is fantastic and very professional”
Jo Thomopson

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